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Hackers by IP address through the ICQ website?
Старый 10.11.2017, 15:28   #1
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По умолчанию Hackers by IP address through the ICQ website?

Well, my friend is a Mac user (running 10.6.2 Snow Leopard) and was on ICQ last night and some lady (named Brandi_ and later Brookke) started talking to my friend. She got my friend's IP by the /whois (name) and pasted it saying she would hack into her computer, copy all her files and anything she ever typed on her computer and send it to her parents by email (she also claimed she got her phone number) and would use all this unless she did was she was told. She also said (when my friend refused) that she was going to include computer viruses and that she should be prepared to get a new computer. (anybody that truly knows anything about a computer knows buying a new computer just because it got a virus is stupid.) My friend isn't exactly really super smart with computers (though she isn't stupid) I told her not to worry and that the lady was bluffing. SHe never got any phone calls, no weird computer things... her parents didn't get emails. I think it's safe to say she is just some idiot bluffing and trying to scare people. Was I right to tell her not to worry? Could someone actually do that? Even on a Macintosh, Linux or Windows? I just want to be sure in case the next person isn't just a bluffer. I also told my friend just to stay off those chat site but... I don't think she will listen.
Anyway... discuss?

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