Software with SMS Auto-Responder and MortScript support
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По умолчанию Software with SMS Auto-Responder and MortScript support

Hi guys.

This is my first software using .NETCF for Windows Mobile Phone. I know this software is peanuts compared to what is out there, but I wish this would be useful to all of you as well. This software helps you track and recover your phone once stolen or lost. Features includes :
1. A Thief or Lost Prevention Software with SMS Auto-Responder and GPS Capability created for Windows Mobile Devices.
2. When you forget your phone and can''t remember where you put it, you can SMS your phone to get the exact location via GPS information if your phone has GPS Capability or approximate location based on Cell Location.
3. You can SMS your phone for other information such as IMSI, IMEI or even remotely reboot your phone etc.
4. This software is also equipped with Thief Prevention system which will automatically SMS your partner phone number if the SIM has been changed against the registered SIM.
5. This software supports registration of Multiple SIM Cards and of Multiple Phone Conctacts as Partners.
6. When your phone has been stolen, it will automatically SMS relevant information such as IMEI, SIM Card Number or IMSI, GPS Location if supported or Cell Location.
7. It is able to also auto-delete Phone Memory Contacts if the phone has been stolen.
8. It is password protected and the password is encrypted with AES-Encryption.
9. Its un-install proof. It requires special procedure to uninstall the protection, so even if you uninstall it, it is still working.

For more details : [Ссылки видны только зарегистрированным пользователям. Зарегистрироваться]
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