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LeaksDB Raw - Uncover passwords from pwn emails databases
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По умолчанию LeaksDB Raw - Uncover passwords from pwn emails databases

LeaksDB - Raw version [PREVIEW RELEASE]

LeaksDB was build to search a email password and obtain the password if it has been leaked and uncrypted. The password can be used to try to login in the email but the real purpose of LeaksDB is to use with Email Recon. Email Recon is a interface where a user can check if the email and password can be used in other online services. For example, the intended target may have change the password for the email but not for other services such as social networks, streaming services, filehosting, Stores, etc...

How to use
1) Download the archive below
2) Extract to a folder
3) Run XAMPP, from the control run apache and MySQL
4) Open your browser and visit h**p://
5) Type the email and see if it has been leaked

Because the database is growing other rewards are been include. Search for "spotify" for example and get access to emails and passwords for Spotify Premium accounts.

Download: (Not pwd required)
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